Was there ever a femme more fatale than Alma Rattenbury, seductress of B.C.'s foremost architect?

Ebulliant, vivacious, and charismatic, Alma sweeps Francis Rattenbury off his feet. In a few years she, along with a 17 year old servant who is her lover, is accused of Rattenburyís murder. An explosive trial follows at the Old Bailey with both Alma and her lover facing the death penalty.

Before that fatal meeting with Rattenbury in the lounge of the Empress Hotel, Alma had lived an adventurous but highly laudable life (receiving the Croix de Guerre for her WW1 work). What causes the spiral down to the dock at the Old Bailey? Her letters and her own, enormously successful, music gives us a clue. Her life is shaped by the aesthetic of the popular songs of the day - and all who become involved with her are molded in their light, and seduced by its appeal.

Alma Rattenbury
Francis (Ratz) Rattenbury
George Stoner
Irene, Townswoman, Wardress
The Questioner, Accuser #1, Dr. Gillespie, Townsman
O’Connor, Accuser #2, Dr. Mann, Townsman
George, Accuser #3, Dr. Grierson
Mrs. Kingham, Townswomam, Reporter,
Dr. Weatherly, Clerk of the Court
Policeman, Townsman, Guard
...... Vanessa Parent
...... Paul Toolan
...... Kevin Kraussler
...... Kerry Constable
...... Dick Pugh
...... Hamish Cameron
...... Laureen E. Smith
...... Beth Coleman

...... Albano Carreiro
...... John Harris
...... Derek Carr
...... Connor Wilkinson
Director .....
Assistant Director/Properties .....
Choreographer .....
Lighting Designer/Technical Director .....
Set Designer .....
Sound Designer .....
Costume Designer .....
Stage Manager .....
Assistant Stage Managers .....

Set Crew .....
Costume Crew .....
Technical Crew .....
Graphics & Program .....
Photographer .....
Joan Bryans
Frances Herzer
Alexis Quednau
Mimi Abrahams
Sean Tyson
Darren W. Hales
Catherine E. Carr
Kristin Mattock
Kristin Ferguson, Linda Bakker.
Catherine Carlson
Debbi Abrami
Frances Herzer, Doris Schroeder
Mike Rensmaag
Sandi McDonald
Sandy McKellar

By Some Divine Mistake - acclaimed by all!
Vital Spark's production of the new play, By Some Divine Mistake [info below], has received great praise and compliments by all who have seen it.
Here's what the first critic we've had says...

- Vital Spark Theatre’s production of By Some Divine Mistake, is  very good...
director Joan Bryans does a fabulous job

- captures the imagination, because it is both titillating and true.

- Vanessa Parent is one of those gifted actresses who delivers her most powerful performances [in] the subtler moments in their character’s life, and Parent does this in spades...    British actress Kerry Constable is a powerhouse… Albino Carreiro as the policeman … is simply fabulous...

Our audiences have been raving about the production too -

• "Brilliant production - loved it!
• "A pleasure to see - many thanks!"
• "Excellent production"
• "Wonderful production. I was captivated by Alma's very real and tragic storyr and was mesmerized by the stunniing performances.  Great job!"
[quotes taken from our front of house comments book - there are many more!]
Don't miss this riviting story...one of our own!