changed Utterly

Created & Directed by Joan Bryans

Jericho Arts Centre: Feb 22 - Mar 16, 2019

Who is this, founding member of the citizen army, gun in hand fighting for Ireland in the Easter Rebellion? Who is this woman stirring the pot to feed the strikers of the great 1913 lockout? A poet, actress, suffragette, who becomes the first female British member of parliament, the first woman cabinet minister anywhere? Constance Markievicz - a woman to be reckoned with!

After the success of Rebel Women, we are back with another theatre verbatim play about a formidable woman battling enormous odds to victory. Changed Utterly is based on the words of Constance Markievicz and some of the principal participants of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, together with the songs and poetry of the day.

Changed Utterly stars Naomi Wong as Constance, with Tyus Bro, Christopher Brown, Carolyn Costigan, Breanne Doyle, Alyssa Hanson-Smith, Gordon Law, Matt Loop, Kurtis Maguire, Celeste Musseau, Lindsay Nelson and Jeremy O'Driscoll.

It is directed by Joan Bryans, with assistant director Frances Herzer, musical direction by Pat Unruh, choreography by Allyson Riley, set design by Chris Bayne, lighting design by Mimi Abrahams, props by Barbara Walsh, and is stage managed by Andy Sandberg.