rebel women

Created & Directed by Joan Bryans
Musical Direction by Pat Unruh

Early 20th century London.  A poor cotton mill worker is best friends with the daughter of a Viceroy of India.  An illiterate cockney housewife is teaching a Canadian university graduate, a young girl is being coached to convert British Columbia to the cause.  Women carry hammers in their muffs.   What is going on? War! But war waged as women want it waged.

Called to battle by a diminutive, delicate lady, as battle scarred and hardened as any grunt, the front line of the militant suffragettes contained a motley bunch of women. Join these and their fellow rebels as they are swept up in the maelstrom that will alter their lives forever, cause governments to fall, and shape democracy for us all.

Rebel Women is a theatre verbatim play: the women’s actual words and songs, insightful, sometimes hilarious and always searingly truthful, are used to create the play.  

“Of such stuff our mothers were!” Elizabeth Robbins

REBEL WOMEN Performances

Jericho Arts Centre: January 3 - 12, 2014
Presentation House: October 3 - 12, 2014
Metro Theatre: October 16 - November 1, 2014



MariaLuisa Alvarez
Kayla Bigras
Morgan Churla
Randi Edmundson
Mark Fleming
Jennifer Kaleta
Leanne Kazminski
Barbara Koziki
Rosa Lennox
Gavin LeClaire
Matt LoopJenny McLaren
Lindsay Nelson
Winnie Nowell
Adam Parsons
Claire Pollock
Dick Pugh
Alexis Quednau
Sarah Ripplinger
Nina Shoroplova
Paul Toolan
Andrea Ware
Natasha Zacher

with Barbara Ellison and Frances Herzer as Mrs Pankhurst


production team

Creator/Director...... Joan Bryans
Musical Director...... Pat Unruh
Accent Coach...... Brian Parkinson
Set Design/Technical Director...... Sean Malmas
Costume Design...... Jenny Lang, Catherine E. Carr
Lighting Design...... Randy Poulis, Mimi Abrahams
Sound Design...... Darren W. Hales
Co-Stage Managers...... Linda Gray Makon, Nancy Caldwell
Assistant Stage Managers...... Allison Kendall, Emma Davis
Technical Support...... Carol L. Mann
Graphics/Programme/Website...... Sandi McDonald
Photographer...... Nancy Caldwell